Biodynamic agriculture

Dornach – the agriculture, how we live it

The biodynamic agriculture is much more than one agriculture technique. For us it represents a developing process, which passes from the vineyards, to the vegetable gardens, to the animals before arriving at us. Come visit us and become also a part of this process and taste the products of our work (Find here our Online Shop).


Dornach – live with and in the nature

“In harmony with the nature” is more than a simple way of saying for us. For us it means concretely:
The spring represents the high season for us. It is the most intense moment. The nature awakens and we with her. The soil is prepared, it is planted, space is left for new ideas and there we observe with joy and admiration the vines that sprout and grow day after day.
In summer however we confide in our rooster. We get up at sunrise to enjoy the freshest hours of the day. We pass the warmer moments with the haymaking operations or in the freshness of the cellar. Or doing also a little afternoon siesta …
The fall gives us the most intense joys. After months of work finally the fruits are picked up and the perfume of the fermenting new wine floods the whole house.

In winter we principally take care of our friends, the animals. We dedicate them care and attention as well. The nature stops and we take time to attend updating courses and to present our products in various tasting events and fairs. The winter is the time in which we can let rest the spirit.


Dornach – Organic with soul & body 

The organic agriculture is not only a technique to be applied on “in field”, we live the organic agriculture every day. Our family eats for the bigger part the self-produced organic products: potatoes, polenta, fruits and vegetables of our soil, but also herbs and wild salads of our vineyards.

You can find other organic agriculture reality in South Tyrol here: www.bioinsuedtirol.it

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