4 - Vino Rosso

A dark red wine, made of Regent, Prior and Merlot grapes, fermented in oak and aged in steel and oak.

A potpourri of tastes and impressions.
A determined charakter , who doesn't hide its agricultural origin.
It matches with wooden tables and simply glasses of a italian tavern.


Regent is a PIWI:

„PIWI“ is a German abbreviation and stands for fungus resistant grape varieties. These were created by crossing European grape varieties and American and Asiatic fungus resistant varietals. PIWI varietals represent for sure the best choice to do something against pollution. Sustainable viticulture is possible! PIWI is reality and the only way to use no chemicals and to decrease soil pollution by also running less your tractor.

PIWI varietals are the future of sustainable and ecological wine making for us.

Found more informations about PIWI here: www.piwi-international.de


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