the wines of Patrick Uccelli

It is with the harvest of 2008 that Dornach starts again the vinification, bottling and marketing, after decades dedicated exclusively to the production and sale of the grapes. The Ansitz Dornach turned into a manufactury of certified organic and biodynamic natural wines. 

In the first years of the reintroduction it has been two wines (XY Pinot blanc and XX Pinot noir), to which it has followed, in 2012, the G., based on Gewürztraminer. Then Patrick added the 1.000cm³ (PIWI white and PIWI red), ROUGE, BLANC and G without point. 

In the subsequent years, the intuition, the inspiration and the imagination of Patrick led our family farm to 4 different "wine profiles", which are marked by different graphic formats:

The various graphic formats are mainly used to indicate the "wine profile" of the bottle.

Colored dots on a white background and Louis 

They indicate the so-called "wines of thirst". So wines whose purpose is to accompany a meal or a convivial moment. They don't have to be easy wines, but easy to drink wines.

Green dot and Louis with green dot: light white wine 

Purple dot and Louis wiht purple dot: Light Pinot Nero 

Pink dot: rosé

Yellow dot and Louis with yellow dot: Gewürztraminer 

Organge dot and Louis with orange dot: Macerated Pinot Grigio 

Watercolor brushstrokes and Cécile 

They indicate wines obtained, entirely or through blending, from PIWI resistant vines.

Yellow watercolor: White wine from resistant white grape varieties

Violet watercolor: Red wine from resistant red grape varieties

Orange watercolor and Cécile: Macerated white wine

Historical cadastral map (Aurélie)

They indicate wines designed for long aging

Yellowish green: White wine for aging

Red: Red wine for aging

Various labels (LES DIFFERENTES)

They indicate special selections or limited editions, such as: #15 Pinot Nero selection 100% whole bunch, Gigí sparkling white wine. 

Our wine terrace is open!!

Thursday & Friday

5pm - 9pm

Saturdays 10am - 9pm

And on demand, please book a "Stop&Shop" on our website for tastings and for buying our wines:



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