summer & winter

Summer activities:

Walking and biking directly from home and away from chaos:

  • Walking along the Dürer path. It is about the historic route, which the artist Albrecht Dürer completed in 1494 and led him for the first time to Venice. The path starts in Laghetti di Egna, goes up to Pochi di Salorno and passing from the Lago Santo (1220 m.a.s.l.) it leads up to the Cembra valley. At that time the Adige valley were inundated by the river; therefore the young artist had no other choice as to walk along the route to go to the Trentino. Some of his impressions of that journey became then his famous watercolours. (www.durerweg.it)
  • A deserved visit has to be made, certainly, to the “Roccolo del Sauch”: a very real “sculpture of trees”, no other name is more appropriate for a structure that, years after his use as a capturing site, today has the function of an observation point of the migratory birds. The access is free.
  • Discover the wonder of the Natural Park “Monte Corno”. Starting from Cauria (1328 m.a.s.l.) and following the European route nr. 5 you will reach the beautiful mountain farm Monte Corno (1730 m.a.s.l.). Details of the walk: (www.sentres.com/de/salurn/wandern)


Winter activities:

Snowshoe-walking, sledging, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing and snowboarding:

  • Allow you to be surprised by the winter landscape and discover the beauties of the Natural Park “Monte Corno” doing some snowshoe-walking from Cauria (1328 m.a.s.l.) through snow covered meadows and forests up to the “prato del Re” (the King’s meadow) or up to the mountain farm Corno (1730 m.a.s.l.).
  • Sledge with your kids on the snow covered meadows in Cauria. An amusement for the whole family!
  • In Lavazè you find the cross-country Skiing Centre. Between the Corno bianco and the Corno Nero (the White Peak and the Black Peak), distant only 45 km, perfect prepared cross-country ski slopes and a stunning landscape are awaiting you. (http://www.visitfiemme.it/it/active-relax/neve/sci-di-fondo/centro-del-fondo-passo-di-lavaze) 
  • When the winter shows its most rigid part, you can enjoy the skating on the (frozen) Lake Caldaro.
  • From about 38km distance you can also find different Ski Centers in the Dolomites.

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