Salorno: the door to South Tyrol

Salorno – relaxing far away from the chaos

Salorno represents, for whom wanted to discover the mountain landscapes far away from the most frequented touristic routes, a little peaceful oasis. Not voted to a mass tourism, around the small village the goals are very much respected by the ones who prefers not too frequented paths. In fact it not happens too often, whilst wandering around, to meet some other excursionists, however it is more likely to find ourselves in a beautiful and uncontaminated nature.

Salorno – a noble history

As well as being the place that has given the native ones to a few famous people, Salorno were also been home to few noble families. Proof is that there are many aristocratic style houses in the village. Also our ancients, von Gelmini and von Hausmann, were part of this noble lineage.

Salorno – a cultures world

In Salorno the spoken languages are Italian and German. Beyond the river (Adige), only more towards south, but also below the “Chiusa di Salorno”, the province of Trento begins and the German language is no more used and only Italian is spoken. This closeness between the South Tyrolean and Trentine culture is not reflected only in the characteristic dialect spoken by the majority of the population, but also in the culinary tradition which will contaminate completely the lifestyle of the whole village. Italian fascination and atmosphere is characterized from the South Tyrolean character-, this is Salorno. Come to discover it, we are waiting for you!

Do you know them already?... The artists and the creative minds of the village:

Perkeo, jester of court and keeper of the “Great barrel” of the Heidelberg Castle (www.perkeo.org)  
Josi Kosta, Joko Domus (www.jokodomus.com
Franz Kosta, studiofranz architecture (www.studiofranz.com
Philipp Franceschini, Photographer (www.fpfoto.com
Albert Ceolan, Photographer (www.albertceolan.com
Oswald Tonner, Bergerhof 
Martina Bortolotti, Lyric singer (www.martinabortolotti.com
Marinko Zivkovic, (life-)artist and philosopher

Fichtenhof, rooms & restaurant (www.fichtenhof.it)

Dornach – well positioned 

  • a 15 minutes walk separate it from the village center
  • Bus stop directly in front of the house
  • on demand: a shuttle service from the station of Salorno 
  • at 9 km to Gfrill/Cauria
  • at 20 km from lake Caldaro
  • at 25 km from Bolzano or Trento 
  • at 60 km from Merano
  • at 75 km from lake Garda
  • at 120 km from Verona (the nearest airport) 
  • at 150 km from Innsbruck (AUT) (airport)
  • at 300 km from Munich (GER) (airport) 

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